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"The Hero Within" Seminar


It's time for change

The Hero Within Program consists of a  Keynote Seminar followed by small group workshops to consolidate the teachings of authentic connection.

Led by Scott Toohey, who has been an Australian teacher and performing arts specialist for over 30 years.

Known affectionately by his students as Mr. T, Scott began developing the program in 2010. Over his years of teaching, he observed a critical gap between recognition for achievement and our young men's emotional well being.

The development and healthy role modeling of authentic connection have not been present in our society as men for many years. The teaching and practicing of healthy male connection without masks were neither taught or recognized.

Today, the impact of social media, magazines and idealistic role modeling has a profound influence on one's identity.

Through learning to value who they are and developing authentic connections to self (Inner Hero) and others young men can emerge less affected by the false ideals and imposed characteristics of what it means to be a man.

Scott draws on his expertise to customize the programs to the dynamics of each group so each boy feels important and engaged.

Activities such as "The Method of Connection", improvisation (situational role play) and scene work have become the vehicle for self-discovery and acceptance - an important step toward becoming emotionally intelligent young men.

As a strong male role model and teacher, Scott helps the young men of today feel 'whole' in their masculinity rather than fragmented and confused.

One of his unique talents is the ability to hold a safe space for students to process emotion and understand it is okay to be themselves. 

His Personal Journey

Scott went to an all-boys private school in the 1970's with the motto: Virile Agitur, which translates as ' The Manly Thing is being done'. Sporting and academic achievement was valued over being true to oneself. 

Doing the 'Manly thing' was the object for every boy, yet no-one explained or modelled what that actually meant. He struggled to develop a solid sense of self, so he presented the man that he believed other people wanted. 

Scott's need for a male role model in his early life and lack of connection to self set him up for a way of living where he always looked for external validation. This way of being set him on a journey which at times was quite painful and unsustainable and  he ended up in Rehab.

This is where the work began and during this process he had to connect to his "Inner Hero" self and learn to connect authentically.

Over years of learning through trial and error and stripping back layers through studying the work of Steve Biddulph and Lewis Howes to name a couple and being mentored, he came to understand the value of masculinity and what that meant to him. 

From decades of teaching, he has seen the genuine need for society to have these discussions. It is critical to provide a healthy rite of passage for boys, so they too can become positive role models for their own sons one day.  

Who's it for?

The Hero Within Program consists of a Keynote Seminar for a whole year group of year 10/11/12  young men and workshops  to consolidate the learning.

The Seminar will introduce the importance of authentic connection to self and others and will demonstrate a method and practise where the students can begin to make changes in their life.

 "The  Hero Within" Seminar will be engaging,informative and provide an opportunity to experience authentic connections.

The workshops are the ongoing and consolidation of this practice and can be organised after the Seminar to maintain and integrate the learning.

 To register your interest for a non-school program, please email Scott at


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